About Us

Shazia Khawaja
Clinical Director and Senior Practitioner

Shazia has over 20 years’ experience in the Health & Social Care sector, with 10 years at Senior Practitioner level offering psychological therapy and support, to clients of dual diagnoses. This has included working with clients on a one to one premise, offering therapeutic guidance, completing psychological assessments including: delivering psychometric tests, writing functional analyses, development of behaviour management guidance, risk management, reintegration work from secure settings back to the community, attendance at CTRs, CPRs, MDTs, being called upon as an expert witness as well as writing and delivering staff training. Shazia has further offered both group and family counselling. Her portfolio of work has included but not limited to working in collaboration with local Social Services and CCGs, NHS Trusts, the MoJ, Prison Services and Children’s Services. Shazia has further operated at Director level in the health and social care industry, with clinical and operational responsibility. She has undertaken completion of psychological assessments and reports for PI, immigration, family and criminal law cases, in the capacity of a professional expert. Her areas of interest are Learning Disabilities, ASD, and forensics.

Professional Qualifications: BSc Hon (Psych); MSc (Counselling Psych); PgC (Forensic Psych); GCP (NIHR)

Email: shazia@sskconsultants.com

Zoe Miller
Clinical Quality Assurance Lead

Zoe has 9 years’ experience in regulation and compliance, as well as a diverse health and social care background, including advocacy, supported living settings, managing community rehabilitation programmes in the substance misuse sector, plus residential care in both learning disability and older people settings.

Zoe spent five years working in the legal sector, where she investigated legal complaints and allegations of professional misconduct in all aspects of law, including immigration, employment, family, probate and conveyancing. Zoe specialised in complex cases, such as reinvestigations after judicial review, and was awarded “Investigator of the Year” by the Legal Ombudsman for her timeliness, accuracy of evidence collection and analysis, and ability to resolve matters.

This was followed by 3.5 years working for the Care Quality Commission, as an Inspector of adult social care services, ensuring their compliance with the Health and Social Care Regulations 2014, and then as an Inspection Manager. During this period, Zoe prepared evidence bundles for both tribunal proceedings and the Magistrates’ Court, as well as gave evidence on behalf of the Commission.

Professional Qualifications: BSc Hons (Health and Social Care)

Email: info@sskconsultants.com

Khurram Khawaja
Business Director and lead practitioner

With over 11 years’ of experience in developing and managing growth, our Business Director is continually adding to his portfolio. Working his way up within adult social care, Khurram works as one of lead practitioners within SSK Consultants working with complex cases within secure services. He has spent the last 6 years’ training RGNs and RMNs how to work with individual’s who exhibit challenging behaviours utilizing low arousal and least restrictive practice. His calming nature and attentive manner enables him to develop trust when working with clients and staff alike.

Professional Qualifications: BSc (Business Marketing); NVQ Level 4 (Health and Social Care)

Email: khurram@sskconsultants.com