Clinical Services


  • With a 100% success rate of reintegrating from secure services / prisons to the general community, SSK Consultants are specialists in the area of working with individuals with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues, who are ready to be discharged after periods of incarceration or detainment. We complete comprehensive risk assessments, behavior management plans, transitional plans, whilst working on a 1:1 premise with the individual both in the facility and in the community. Our attendance and involvement within CPRs and CTRs enable all professionals to be kept abreast of progress that is being made, as well as providing comprehensive feedback to help facilitate discharge. Where required, we assist in finding suitable dwellings for the individual, as well as ongoing support to enable continuation of care and support through the transition process.
  • We offer 1:1 therapy both in person and remotely to people suffering from bereavement issues, poor self-esteem, as well as survivors of abuse working closely with consultant psychiatrists to ensure assistance is within a multi-disciplinary framework. Our work aims at focusing on empowering people to find inner strength and ability to achieve the best mental well-being.
  • Where couples or families are experiencing problems, we offer couples / group therapy, within an agreed location, facilitating the ability to work through problems together to reach a mutual goal.
  • Using an eclectic style our clinical work focuses on using the most appropriate approach to meet the client’s specific needs.
  • Life coaching & reintegration work is offered to individuals and organizations, specifically looking at occupational / return to work after a period of absence and methods of preventing long term sickness. We work with organizational and individuals alike offering counselling support and occupational health as and when needed.
  • We undertake a comprehensive assessment prior to agreeing to complete any long-term work. A detailed proposal is included within the assessment documenting how SSK Consultants can offer assistance.
  • Where families and services are experiencing challenging behaviors associated with complex needs of individuals, we develop a bespoke behavior and support plan focusing on using the least restrictive approach when working with individuals. Training is delivered to staff and families with continued, on going support and clinical advice offered as required. Risks are assessed continually to ensure safety of all involved.
  • We offer expert reports for tribunals & courts, within the areas and specialism of forensic psychology. This includes but is not limited to offending behaviors, immigration matters, family courts and criminal proceedings.

If you would like to discuss the services we offer, then the Senior Practitioner at SSK Consultants would be happy to speak or meet with you. Please contact us.

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